Pastor Ben Verkerk

Pastor Ben moved to Winnipeg and to the Covenant CRC community in the summer of 2018 with his wife Leshia. Since moving here, Ben and Leshia enjoyed renovating their first house, and have since moved on to their next fixer-upper, this time in the country. This new setting is ideal for them as they enjoy the great outdoors, and there is an endless supply of weekend projects. Pastor Ben has also embraced Manitoba’s bountiful fishing and hunting opportunities and when he’s not busy at home or wrangling his young son, he’s out chasing that next big catch. 
Pastor Ben’s love for the outdoors inspires a lot of his work in the church. He says “The world and all that’s in it belong to our God and we have been entrusted with their care and stewardship. All these things have been designed so that in our work and life, God blesses us with the good pleasure of a job well done and the beauty that accompanies it. By embracing the things around us, and seeing God’s work in creation, from bugs and trees to relationships and love, we are able to step in tune with the right and orderly way of God, deepening and widening our relationship with Him and with one another. To know the ways of a fish in the lake or a deer in the woods and how these things connect to us and us back to God and to his handiwork is a beautiful thing. God’s evidence is all around us, if we’ll only take the time to recognise it!”
Pastor Ben’s love of the outdoors has spurred on his church passion project, the Garden of Hope. Though still in its infancy, the council has approved taking steps towards this project to cultivate a part of our church land to help nourish those in need in our city.

Trisha Booy, Worship Assistant

Erna Falk, Office Administrator

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