Handel's Messiah Concert

Covenant Church will be hosting two fundraising performances of Handel’s Messiah on Friday, December 20th and Saturday, December 21st at 7:00 PM.

Nathan Poole

Monica Huisman, Kayla Jory, Aaron Hutton and Ben Kroeker

Chamber Orchestra accompanying a choir formed from over 100 volunteers within the community

This event is sure to be remarkable!

All proceeds from the concerts will go to FORWARD HOUSE MINISTRIES, a Christian home in Elmwood that cares for men who want to start a new life free from addictions, mental health struggles or criminal activity.

Tax receipts will be provided for additional donations given at the performances.

Started in 1992 as an alternative to more traditional institutional programs, FORWARD HOUSE MINISTRIES is a Christian home for men and men with children who want to start a new life. They provide residence to 25 men and any children they may be in care of that is safe, supportive and conducive to beginning a healthy lifestyle. These men come from many different situations such as broken homes, prison, detox centers, hospitals and homelessness and come with a variety of issues, including addictions, criminal histories, mental health, lack of education or social skills. The House is distinctive because of the flexibility to treat each person based on their individual and family needs. They have daily bible studies, anger management classes, 12 step programs and more. Biblical principles are held up to be the solution to the issues. Their goal is to see the men eventually return to school or directly back into the work force becoming the members of society they were meant to be.