Tenebrae Service, Holy Week 2020

Greetings Congregations of Covenant CRC, First Brandon CRC, First Thunder Bay CRC, and beyond.

Please join us in experiencing the shadow and darkness of Tenebrae this holy week. You can participate at home by following along with our service at this link:


or finding Tenebrae: A Service of Shadows posted by CovenantCRC Stream in the youtube App on your smart TV.

Quality speakers are not necessary, but may help encounter this service more richly.

How best to participate:

  1. Schedule a time tonight (Thursday) or tomorrow (Friday) that works for you, but preferably after dark or in a dark room if possible.
  2. My recommendation is to begin at 8:15pm CDT on Thursday or Friday evening or right at Sunset. In this way, the skies will grow dark as the Tenebrae service proceeds.
  3. Ahead of time, gather 7 candles/lights to be extinguished during the service. Other light sources such as lamps or chandeliers will work, as long as they can be turned off individually or bulbs can be unscrewed. If possible, save a candle for last.
  4. Go to the link above, and participate with us by hearing scripture; singing along; extinguishing lights; and raising a cacophony during the strepitus.

The service ends in darkness. After an appropriate amount of time, you may choose to pray in thanks to God for the sacrifice of Jesus or spend some time discussing this story with your family or whomever you may be watching with. Regardless, I hope you’ll not just see, but feel and experience the story of Christ’s passion. Though we grieve the need for his death today; we already anticipate his triumph over the grave in three days and look forward even now, to his return in glory.

God be with you until we meet again,

Pastor Ben Verkerk
Covenant Church