Sunday School 2020

Sunday School 2020

Greetings Congregation,

As September has arrived, so too begins fall programming. Members of our church have been working diligently to unravel the ways in which our various ministries can or cannot function. From Men of Breakfast to Sunday School and all in between, I am grateful to be surrounded by leaders who are thoughtful and caring. Participants have heard from various ministry leaders already, and I hope to outline below the changes that are coming to our Sunday Morning gathering time and how that will look going forward.

Council has agreed to a plan with a goal to make sure there is something for everyone on Sunday Morning. From children to seniors, whether gathering in person or online.

We will continue to gather as a church to start the service at 10:00am. The service will continue to be broadcast online on our youtube page.

As we have done, we will start our service with a time of worship. We have been reminded in this process however, that our worship needs to be inclusive of all ages, in particular our children who are at such an important time in their faith formation. As such, you may notice some language adjustments or song choices that are more
accessible to all. As we transition to the next part of our service, we will end this time slightly differently. In the place of a children’s message, as a church we will be watching the lesson video for Sunday School. Once the video is finished, the kids and families can decide whether they’d like to stay for the rest of the service, or move to the gym for some Sunday School activities.

A parent or adult immediate family member can choose to take their own kids to a designated table in the gym for sunday school. At the table will be a snack, a themed craft, and some material to help teach the kids about the lesson for the day. A coordinator will be around to provide instructions. This time can end at whatever time the families finish their lesson, but the time will formally end at the same time as the things in the sanctuary, and will be concluded with a prayer, song, and the closing video.

After the kids and their parents leave the sanctuary, those remaining will have the congregational prayer, the sermon, and close with a prayer and a song. After the service, we will be able to have a limited time of fellowship. We cannot use the gym for this time, as it will have been used for Sunday School. However, we encourage people to connect with one another in the sanctuary before leaving and to enjoy a coffee in the foyer area. The space limitations will adjust according to the capacity of these various ministry options.

Thank you for your cooperation and we are excited for this new way to engage our church and help one another with our faith formation. We remain united in our endeavor to Belong, to Believe, and to Become.

In Christ,

Pastor Ben
Christy Ploegman
Jessica Booy
Joan Reenders
Trisha Booy