Pentecost Colouring Sheets


During the week, read the story of Pentecost in Acts 2:1-12. Follow that up by doing one (or all three!) of the coloring sheets on pages 4, 6 or 7 of this document.

As you color, children and families may find these questions and thoughts valuable to consider:

  • How do you know when the wind is blowing?
  • What happens to things when the wind blows?
  • Think of stories you’ve heard and your own experiences of the wind.
  • What are some of the great or powerful things wind can do?
  • Our story tells us that the Holy Spirit came to the disciples like a huge wind, blowing through the room. When the wind blows, it changes things.
  • I wonder how the disciples were changed on the day of Pentecost?
  • I wonder how others were changed because the disciples were changed?
  • I wonder what those people did when they went home after experiencing the Holy Spirit through the disciples on this Pentecost day?
  • I wonder what the Holy Spirit looks like when it blows through the people of our church?
  • I wonder what we might do differently when the Holy Spirit blows through you and me?

Optional Prayer to end: Holy Spirit, who comes like and wind and dances through the church like flames of fire, fill us with delight and transform us to be apostles in your world. Amen.

Adults may find it valuable to follow the guide for “VISIO DIVINA” below.

Or simply ponder these questions while you color:

  • How do you experience God’s presence?

How have you seen the Holy Spirit at work in your lives or in the lives around you?

When the colorings are complete, please email them to Trisha at to have them included in a slideshow during the offerings. If anyone is willing to share their thoughts or testimonies of how they see or have seen the Holy Spirit at work in their lives or in the lives of those around them, you may also email those to Trisha for inclusion in the Pentecost service.