Letter to the Congregation, March 27, 2020

Dear Congregation,
Council executive met last evening to review our current status and our way forward. It appears
we will not be able to meet as congregation in church for some weeks yet. We are happy to
report that our Sunday on line service is being well received. Our Pastor, worship coordinator,
worship leaders, sound and video people have been working hard at producing and improving
these service presentations. It’s not a substitute for actually being there but it is a very good
second. Hopefully it is helping us all feel we are still in touch with our church community in spite
of the enforced isolation.
All of our programs involving more than a few people, (MOB, cadets, gems etc.) have had to be
cancelled and will remain so until further notice. Our church office remains open and Erna is
there to handle inquiries including those about different ways of making contributions.
A few words about contributions. As you can appreciate, in spite of the general lock down, bills
still have to be paid. Thankfully many of you have mailed in or dropped off your regular
contributions at the office. Much appreciated! Those that have their contribution made via a
regular electronic transfer from their bank account will notice that this is proceeding as normal.
For those of you inquiring about alternate ways to give during this lock down we suggest the
• Set up a regular bank draw. Erna can email you the necessary electronic transfer form.
Upon completion you can mail it to the office together with a void cheque, drop it off at
the office, email a scanned copy of the form and void cheque to the office
(office@covenantcrc.ca) or we can have one of the deacons arrange to pick it up.
• If you use online banking, you can do one-time donations via an e transfer to
• Mail in a cheque or ask one of the deacons to arrange a pickup.
• Drop off a cheque at the church during office hours, or in the mailbox after hours.
We will continue to announce the “second” collection for the non-budget cause designated for
that Sunday and you can continue to support by:
• Cheque – note it on the memo line OR church envelope
• Etransfer – Use the Message section
• Electric Transfer – Budget donations only
Regrettably, personal visits, especially to those over 60, have been discouraged and as a result
there will be limited contact with the elderly. The deacons have offered to help those shut in with
procuring groceries if they cannot get out themselves or have no family member to help out.
Simply call the office or Harm Hazeu at 204 781 4418 to make arrangements.
Please contact your elder, CCA, or Pastor Ben if you are in need of prayer, counsel, comfort,
conversation, or anything else.
During these uncertain times we do well to remember that God has promised to sustain and to
provide. Let’s keep trying to be the “arms and feet” as much as we can, help each other, and
hopefully come out of this unscathed and strengthened.
God Bless,
Council of CCRC