Hebrews Reading for April 26 Service

Good Day Congregation,
As mentioned on Sunday, we’re headed into the book of Hebrews.
I would love for you to be reading through this entire book with me – it’s not terribly long, and will be easily broken up into a few chapters per week.
That being said, I’ve prepared two reading schedules: The first is more basic, and gets you through the book as we preach through it. The second is much more in depth and encourages re-reading the book several times throughout the month in order to commit parts of it to memory, and practice something called Lectio Divina, which is a method of reading and rereading scripture prayerfully.
Either way, I would encourage you to read the entire book in one shot during this series. On your own, it shouldn’t take more than a half an hour.
Basic Plan:

Before April 26: Hebrews 1-2

  1. Before May 3: Hebrews 3-4
  2. Before May 10: Hebrews 5-7
  3. Before May 17: Hebrews 8-10 (also Communion Sunday)
  4. Before May 24: Hebrews 11-13
Advanced Plan:
In Addition to reading the above Basic Plan, start your week by reading the entirety of Hebrews 1-13. Then on at least two different days that week, read the chapters assigned above.
Each time you read from Hebrews, open your time with a Prayer for Illumination asking God to speak to you through his word. When you’ve finished your reading, take time to write down any thoughts about it you’ve had.
Write down one or two verses that stood out to you, whether they were particularly compelling, felt applicable to your life or situation, or you found them to simply be beautiful.
Reread those verses.
Pray these verses to God.
As you spend time with God’s word, consider memorizing portions to be recalled later.
Optional bonus: share some thoughts, your verses, or your prayers with Pastor Ben bverkerk@covenantcrc.ca, on Facebook messenger, or via call to 204-380-3887
thanks, and please enjoy your time in God’s word.

Pastor Ben